Our team of surveyors are able to assist with all subsidy and grant matters and are at the forefront of appeal procedures with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), as well as having expertise in assessing the short and long term viability of Countryside Stewardship.

The management of a farm is a busy job and today farmers are faced with a huge quantity of detailed and time consuming paperwork in order to receive subsidies, grants and payments they are entitled to. The accuracy of submissions on paper and on the ground has become more complicated with the Greening requirements for the Basic Payment Scheme. Our team can assist with the processing of these applications and associated paperwork to ease the burden. We are highly skilled at ensuring you receive the maximum income available to you.

  • BPS – Basic Payment Scheme
  • SPS – Single Payment Scheme disputes
  • Countryside Stewardship – replacing:
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • English Woodland Grant Scheme
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