The popularity of detached homes in the East Midlands has increased over the last decade. Most local home-movers aspire to either continue to live in a detached property, or to own one for the first time. The average price of this type of property is set to rise further.

The average price of a detached house in the UK was £252,473 in January 2009. Today, a detached property will set you back, on average, £377,945 – that’s an increase of £125,472 or 50% in a decade.

For value, our region has always been popular with buyers from outside the area. The increase is similar, however the average value for a detached dwelling in our area is now £212,000. This is rising fast and is far outperforming other areas of the UK which, in comparison, are deemed to be a bit expensive and less attractive.

Unsurprisingly, London is the most expensive region with the price of an average detached property up 87%, or more than £420,000, since 2009. The average price now stands at £906,825.

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