How to know when to put your home on the market

Published: 02/04/2021

Considering putting your property on the market, but aren’t sure whether it's the right time? It can be difficult to know exactly when you should sell your home. Fortunately, there are times and seasons when selling your home is almost certainly the right decision. Whether you need more outdoor space, a designated home office, or if there is a burst of activity in your local property market, Mount & Minster have identified some of the best times to think seriously about selling your home.

1. Your family needs more space

Children get older and people grow! Young members of your family can grow restless sharing a room with a sibling, it’s time to consider a change. Having more space and larger rooms will accommodate your family’s needs, so bear that in mind when you’re looking at properties. Perhaps you're planning on expanding the family or are already expecting. Knowing that your family needs more space is a key factor in determining if you should put your home on the market.  

2. Look outside 

Spring is known for being an excellent time to sell your property, and for good reason. Potential buyers aren’t busy with long holidays and it coincides with an increase in sunlight and gardens coming alive after the winter, both of which do wonders for the appearance of your property. If you’re selling, try to time putting your home on the market early before others do the same, fewer properties on the market mean less competition and fewer choices for your potential buyers.

3. Promotion at work

Perhaps all that hard work is paying off and your household income has increased significantly. Now you want to treat yourself and the family. A new car will undoubtedly depreciate, whereas bricks and mortar is not only something the whole family can enjoy, it's also a better investment in the long-term. Being able to upsize or move to a more sought-after area is often the catalyst to the decision to getting your house on the market and getting moving.

4. Working from home

If, like many people, you are assessing your needs following months of lockdown and your employer continuing to benefit from employees such as yourself working from home, where you live currently may no longer be able to accommodate those needs. Having that extra bedroom or home-office will obviously mean you're able to conduct zoom meetings in privacy and peace while remaining in a zone free of any home distractions.

5. Your local property market is booming

No doubt you've heard that the East Midlands property market is booming with an exodus of London buyers to our more affordable and spacious area, particularly with our superb travel links and excellent schools. Putting your home on the market when it is flourishing will encourage your home to sell at a higher price. But how do you know when the market is flourishing? Speak to your local agent and look around your neighbourhood. Are there plenty of sold boards around? This is a good indication of the state of the property market in your area.

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