What it takes to be a successful Grantham estate agent

Published: 21/11/2021

What skills are needed to be a good estate agent in Grantham?

Over the last 15 years I have had the privilege to work with some of the very best estate agents in the UK. The type of agents that are top of their game and others you just want to emulate. Over those years, it's become very apparent that there’s not a single type of person who is successful in estate agency. Good individuals come in all shapes and sizes and from a huge range of different backgrounds; all with different strengths and indeed weaknesses.

Some agents are flamboyant extroverts. Others are quieter types that just get on with the job without a fuss. I’ve worked with “real estate superstars” who are lone wolves who need very little little direction, whereas others have proven to be very experienced agents who require, and indeed thrive, on structure and support.

However, there are some absolute key traits that I have recognised in each and every estate agent that undoubtedly enables them to succeed. They include:


Successful estate agents in Grantham, Lincoln and Lincolnshire as a whole, are all driven. Of course most people want to be successful, but drive involves having the inner qualities to turn that “want” into a reality. The rewards of being a Grantham estate agent can be high, but inevitably it requires one thing... hard work. Estate agency is very competitive and many will fail. To be a successful estate agent in Grantham, one needs to work harder than the next estate agent. Having the drive to make more phone calls, send more emails, work later nights, earlier mornings and longer weekends. Drive and sacrifice go hand in hand. Estate agency is not for the fainthearted.


Estate Agents in Grantham can earn very well. The best do even better. For this very reason, it's hugely competitive. To be a successful estate agent in Lincolnshire and the East Midlands, I firmly believe you need a strong dose of competitive spirit. The urge that spurs you on to work harder than your colleagues and pushes you to be the best. If you don’t want to celebrate every little win, it's highly likely it's not the right job for you.


One of the most significant skills of a Grantham estate agent is to ‘qualify’ buyers and sellers thoroughly by understanding the motivations and mindset of each. Naturally, this involves agents asking questions, however most don't listen to the answers, or interpret what they're being told in the correct fashion. The best Lincolnshire estate agents identify and recognise opportunities, adding value to their day to day responsibilities. The best Grantham agents go one step further than merely listening, they’ll also challenge, presenting alternatives with absolute confident in their expert knowledge.


There is nothing like the high of closing a significant sale. Many months of hard work all coming together and seeing the keys being collected by a very excited buyer is one of the most rewarding feelings for a Grantham estate agent. Equally, a house sale falling through is a terrible feeling. It is essential you pick yourself up and make decisions to keep things moving in the right direction. One thing that became apparent to me from the outset is that for every “yes” there will far more “no”s.


The most attractive trait of a successful Grantham estate agent is to add value to the transaction. This is done through great marketing, knowledge, experience and honest, professional advice. A transaction will rarely run smoothly, however the best estate agents will find a solution to a wide variety of problems. Experience helps of course, but being proactive, thinking positively to problem solve and thinking laterally will help you on your course to standing out as being that little bit more special, respected and adding value.


Commission based careers are hugely rewarding to those for whom such an income structure suits. You can often exceed the salaried roles of your counterparts in other industries. Self-discipline and self-management are essential. The best agents in Grantham will surround themselves with positive people from whom they can watch and learn. A supportive team, manager and employer will benefit your career. With the right attitude, a bit of self-discipline and the support of positive influencers, you will do very well.

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