5 Top Tips to Move Home by Christmas

Published: 03/10/2020

Believe it or not, Christmas is less than 100 days away. For those looking to be in their new home before the holiday season, the clock is ticking. As a result of restrictions relating to Covid-19, the pressure is on in these uncertain times, with no guarantee that buyers will be in their new homes by 22 December, the last day for completions.

We have compiled a list of tips for those aiming to be moved in good time:

1. Get your home ready for marketing

Smarten up your home and get it ship-shape. Declutter and redecorate if necessary, making your property more appealing to a prospective buyer. Take advice from a good, local and reputable estate agent. Remember, they're there to help you throughout the process so ask as many questions as you need to, they're there to hold your hand from start to finish. Use their expertise to help you find a property you want to buy as well, they'll probably know of properties coming onto the market before 'Joe Public'.

2. Solicitors

Due to the huge increase in enquiries and the current 'mini-boom', the increase in activity and changes to usual proceedings has resulted in the time from having your sale/purchase agreed and actually getting the keys longer than usual. Never before has it been so important to have a competent solicitor to keep everything efficient and easy. Speak to your estate agent as they deal with solicitors multiple times every day. They'll be able to recommend a good one who they've had suitably positive experiences with.

3. Book a surveyor ASAP

Once you have agreed the price on a property you wish to buy, you can either have the surveyor acting for your mortgage company go and have a look at it, or upgrade to a Home Buyers Report (link here). It will give you piece of mind all help iron out any defects before you move in before Christmas.

4. Packing & removals

If you are packing yourselves, it is best to start at least three weeks before the completion date, so start with those items you won't be using during that period. This will make the process less stressful. If you're  using a removals company, try and book as early as possible to ensure the company is operating at the time you require. Many removals companies have had to change policies and processes in line with Covid-19 guidelines, so ensure you prepare in advance, again reducing stress and unknowns.

5. Don't forget little ones!

Both pets and young children can find moving home difficult. Enquire if family or friends can look after children on moving day so that they do not get anxious about the moving process and leaving their old home, this way they won’t feel unsettled and can just enjoy the excitement of arriving at their new home.

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