Renovation Do's and Don't's

Published: 12/09/2019

There are a multitude of reasons why one might wish to renovate one's home. Larger family, preparing to sell, getting tired... Whatever your reason, there are a few simple do's and dont's when it comes to any renovation, big or small.

DO: Consider the Kitchen
It is the room that is most used and is the heart of the home. This should be the first place to consider upgrading if you have just purchased a dated home, want to add value to your property, or are considering selling in the near future. Stick to neutral colours to appeal to more potential buyers, and dress it up with colourful decorations like flowers, small appliances or tea towels. Remember, you don't need to buy new units, sometimes revamping what's already there will give you the effect you're looking for. Avoid cheap surfaces and stick with wooden or granite work-tops. Don't try to squeeze an island in if there's not enough space, this needs to feel spacious and welcoming.

DO: Consider the Bathrooms
Another room that gets its fair share of use and one that was once overlooked when it came to availability to natural light, a bright and modern bathroom is a real value-adder. Old and dirty toilets, baths, showers and sinks are a real turn off, as is poor lighting. Always look to increasing natural light, be it through larger windows or even a skylight, and compensate with bright lighting for the evening. Much the same as the kitchen, stick with neutral colours that will ensure your bathroom remains fresh and enduring for years to come. Avoid carpeting altogether!

DO: Go Green
Always consider the environment when bringing your home into the 21st century. Be it with eco-friendly taps and faucets, eco-conscious appliances or lighting, sustainable and ethically sourced materials, or power harnessed from the environment, modern building practices can always have the environment at the forefront of their design. Not only will you be doing your part, but you can also save money, with many government incentives in place to encourage sustainable building. Consider air-source heat pumps, PV solar panels and similar renewable energy sources.

DON'T: Convert a Bedroom
The biggest no-no when it comes to renovating is to convert a bedroom into something else. Reducing the number of bedrooms in your home, and converting it into a bathroom or similar is not a good idea. When it comes time to sell, this will prove to be a real drawback.

DON'T: Use Carpet
Of course, in some areas one can easily get away with using carpets, however make sure it's high quality and don't skimp on underlay. Otherwise, with so many affordable flooring options these days, avoid the hassle of cleaning and maintaining carpets. From solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, modern vinyl flooring and stone, warmth can easily be added through rugs.

DON'T: Overlook Lighting & Speakers
One thing overlooked by many homeowners as being something that might be too expensive, or not being a worthwhile investment, is a built-in speaker system or concealed lighting. Especially when looking to sell, high-tech homes really stand out, and will impress any potential buyer. Pools were once seen as the ultimate value-adder, whereas nowadays busy families don't want the maintenance. To give your home real value and make it stand out from the pack, upgrade to built-in speakers, and a high quality surround sound for your living room, and consider clever lighting such as LED strips within coving to give an extra glow to your most valuable asset.