Lincolnshire's 5 most up-and-coming areas revealed

Published: 18/01/2020

With a Brexit plan now in action and a huge surge in confidence in the property market throughout the East Midlands, certain areas of this increasingly popular county are certainly proving more sought-after than others. This could be down to a number of factors including more regular Azuma trains to London, new high quality homes, improved infrastructure, better schooling or simply just prices readjusting if they've lagged behind in recent years. Here, we look at the top 5.

1. Bracebridge Heath & Waddington

Located a short car journey south of Lincoln on the way out to the popular 'Cliff Villages' (see below), Bracebridge Heath and Waddington are perhaps best known for their proximity to RAF Waddington. The average price for homes sold in the area has risen significantly in recent months, with 4 bedroom detached homes typically selling for around £320,000. This increase is certainly down to the affluence of those moving to the area, the average annual household income of people living in the area has risen from £33,280 in 2011, to £39,420 in 2019.

2. Dunholme & Welton

Again, located just on the fringe of the Cathedral City of Lincoln, this time to the north east, these two popular villages in close proximity to each other have seen a significant pull of increased wealth over the last decade, with average total annual income rising from £38,100 in 2009, to £46,610 in 2019, something that isn't likely to change given recent developments such as The Meadows just off Lincoln Road and additional high quality homes in the pipe-line all attracting those who can afford a more affluent lifestyle. The average price of properties sold in and around the villages has risen to around £286,950 today, significantly more than the average in Lincolnshire as a whole (around £215,000).

3. Nettleham

Sticking to the sought-after area north east of Lincoln, Nettleham is well-known locally as winning 'Best Kept Village' on numerous occasions. Property transactions are lower here than other areas of Lincolnshire, mainly due to the fact that it's hard to better it! Those looking to move-up the property ladder and find a more sought-after area to live are going to struggle. House prices in Nettleham have nearly trebled in the last two decades, with the average price of properties sold in the area now standing at an impressive £291,330. Like Dunholme and Welton not far away, the average total annual income per property has risen significantly to £48,270, again showing that these up-and-coming villages are attracting deeper pockets.

4. Cliff Villages

This small and exclusive area covers the southern section of the Lincoln/Grantham Cliff. Historically these villages have always been extremely sought-after, providing rare views from this high ridge in a county that is certainly known for being very flat. These villages include Harmston, Coleby, Navenby, Wellingore, Welbourn, Leadenham, Fulbeck, Caythorpe, Barkston and Hough-on-the-Hill, to name but a few.

There has been a surge of interest in the Cliff Villages from buyers from London and the south on account of the unspoilt views, proximity to main line stations and excellent local schools. This is reflected in the prices achieved in recent months, with Mount & Minster selling a 3 bedroom detached house in Caythorpe for £675,000 and a small 4 bedroom bungalow in Barkston for £360,000. With a wave of southern money comes a significant increase in average household income, £52,710 per home in 2019.

5. Long Bennington

Location, location, location. Situated on the fringe of Lincolnshire yet minutes of being within the counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire or even Rutland, this hugely popular village provides not only excellent facilities but is also absolutely superb for commuters. Minutes from the A1 and sitting prominently half way between both Grantham and Newark, one can either easily access the motorway or jump on the train and be in London within the hour.

No wander, therefore, Mount & Minster have seen a significant increase in registered buyers via our London office for properties within 5km of this pretty village, and with it comes buyers who see the local area as extremely good value comparable to where they're moving from. Prices have really outperformed the difficult Brexit market of 2019 and are only set to go one way in this more buoyant 2020 market place. 3 bedroom bungalows are snapped-up just short of £400,000, 4 bedroom detached dwellings sell for £475,000 upwards and the more character dwellings on small plots either in the middle of the village or a few minutes outside change hands for anything between £600,000 to £800,000.

Savvy buyers from outside the area are obviously bidding hard to secure themselves sensibly priced properties, and their ability to bid high is certainly to the benefit of anyone seeking to sell-up. The average annual income within a mile of Long Bennington is on a par with the villages within the more expensive Vale of Belvoir, £59,290 per household, making Long Bennington and the neighbouring villages better value for those seeking more brick for their buck.

If you're looking to buy a property in any of the villages listed above, or are seeking professional advice as how best to sell, Mount & Minster would be delighted to assist and provide you with all the help you need from either our Lincoln, Grantham or London offices.