Lots of people wrongly assume that selling a house is easy and doesn’t take any preparation. The reality is, selling a home involves specialist skills and knowledge from the best estate agents, however there are some things you can do to help to ensure an easy and stress-free experience, as well as getting a better price.

  1. Pricing your home right from the beginning is imperative. Price your house too high and you’ll miss out on offers and reduce your pool of prospective purchasers. If your property has been on the market for some time, people will begin to wonder whether there is something wrong with it. Don’t let it go stale. Listen to your agent and remember that the highest valuation may not prove to be the best advice.
  2. It’s important to enhance your kerb appeal. First impressions matter and you only get one chance. Consider what the outside of your property looks like to people driving up for the first time. Your property should at least look better than your neighbour’s. Revamp your front door, add a security light, plant some flowers and declutter any exterior porches. Remember, people love a healthy lawn.
  3. Exaggerations will only disappoint in the future. Take what you have and accept it. Don’t try to force the value. If you have a tiny spare room that barely fits a single bed, don’t describe it as an extra bedroom but instead be honest and explain that it would be better renovated into a walk-in wardrobe or storage room.
  4. Shop around for the best estate agent. It’s one of the biggest decisions of your life so make sure you choose the best company to do it. A lot of estate agency business is done through referral and word of mouth so ask around to find a recommended choice. The best is rarely the cheapest so stay clear of low-value ‘pay-anyway’ call-center agents. Going away with more money in your pocket is more important than low fees. Cheap is not best value.
  5. Depersonalise and declutter. Whilst a house should feel homely, you need to allow the potential buyer to imagine thier own family in the property. Remove all items that largely relate to your political and religious beliefs and get rid of any trace of pets. You may love your cat but some buyers won’t.
  6. The kitchen and bathroom always come first. Typically, these are the rooms that buyers want to see the most so they shouldn’t look as if they need a huge renovation. If you do decide to update these before selling then remember that neutral colours always work best and always renovate up to the worth of your home. There is no point installing a bathroom for £30,000 if your house is only worth £200,000.
  7. There isn’t a best time to sell your home. Rumours have it that spring is the best time to sell but houses do sell in winter, autumn and summer too. February and March particularly stand out as exceptional times of year to put your house on the market as there’s usually little available to buyers (low supply), therefore giving them fewer options or alternatives other than your property. Prices therefore tend to be higher. Sell when everyone else does and the market will be saturated and you’ll have to be more price sensitive. Sell in March and you’re more likely to achieve a premium on the price.

Selling and buying houses is a very personal journey but with a little research and the right agent, hopefully you’ll be on your way to making that property dream, a reality. If you have any questions, then please get in touch. 01522 716204 (Lincoln) | 01476 515329 (Grantham) | 02078 390888 (London)